Thai Trafo Co,Ltd.   has   been  established
since  1986   whose   objective  is   to  produce
and distribute standard  and  quality  distribution
transformers     to    domestic     and    overseas
markets  -  under    professional     management
of      electrical    engineers.     With     constant
determination    of   its  executives    and    staff,
Thai  Trafo has  continually  expanded.
Additionally, the  rapid  enlargement  of   energy
industry   markets  caused   an  inadequacy   in
our   first    plant    production   capacity.   Thus
our   second    plant    was   built    in   1996   at
Rayong,     Thailand     in    order   to   increase
     production   capacity   and   quality    of    all
transformers     under   
title    Thai     Trafo
Manufacturing   Co, Ltd.    Further
,    our
Company  has  installed   advanced  machinery,
test   devices,  and   calibration   devices,   and
has   developed   knowledge  and  expertise  to
every      employee.      As    a    result,    all    its
transformers have  passed   a 
  short  circuit
   and   been  certified  by  ASTA,  KEMA
and  CESI.

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1986 : Established“ "Thai Trafo Co.,Ltd"
1993 : Its transformers have passed a short circuit test by              ASTA.
1996 : Second plant built at Rayong under title                        "Thai Trafo Manufacturing Co., Ltd."
1997 : ISO 9002 – Certified by BVQI
1998 : ISO 9001 – Certified by BVQI and TISI
1998 : Its transformers have passed a short circuit test by             ASTA
1999 : Its transformers have passed a short circuit test by             KEMA
2001 : Its transformers have passed a short circuit test by             CESI
2002 : ISO 9001:2000 – certified by MASCI
2004 : Applied Balanced Score Card & Key             Performanced Indicators ( KPIs )
2006 : Start to Implement "Enterprise Resource Planning            ( ERP ) System"
2006 : Developing an ISO 14001 Environment             Management System;

Company Profile

Registered Capital
Product Category
Mfg Capacity 

Product Capacity

Mfg Standards

: ฿ 100 million
: Distribution Transformer
: 750 MVA per year
: 5 kVA - 20,000 kVA
  maximum voltage - 36 kV
and any other standard required
by customer
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