Every Thai Trafo
   distribution  transformer   was 
produced under strict supervision of ISO 9001:2000 quality   management system.  Such  process starts
with   an   inspection   over every  material  through
engineering  requirements, an in-process inspection
by the  production  personnel, a reinspection by QC
officials   in    prevention    of   any   nonconforming
product,   and    a     final   inspection    to    ensure
correspondence with customer requirement. Every
transformer has to undergo following measurements
and tests prior to delivery (Routine Test).

  Measurement of Winding Resistance
  Measurement of Insulation Resistance
 Measurement of No-Load Loss and Current
 Measurement of Load Loss and Short-Circuit     Impedance
  Measurement of Voltage Ratio and Check of        Phase Displacement
 Separated Source Voltage Withstand Test
 Induced Over Voltage Withstand Test
 Transformer Oil Dielectric Strength Test
 Oil Leakage Test


The measurement and test criteria  can  comply with every standard such as ANSI,IEC,BS,DIN,JIS,TIS,or
any standard demanded   by  customer. Additionally,
Thai Trafo also provide devices for type tests on any
new-designed transformer or any special test demanded
by customer as :

 Lightning Impulse Voltage and Switching
    Impulse Voltage Withstand Test
 Temperature Rise Test
 Partial Discharge Test
 Measurement on Capacitance and
    Power Factor of Transformer Insulation

Test Procedure (160 KB)
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