With many years of transformer production, Thai Trafo can design and produce several types of quality distribution transformers : Such as Oil-Immersed Transformer open type with Oil Conservator, Hermetically Sealed Transformer (both fully oil-filled and nitrogen filled types), CSP Transformer, Rectifier Transformer, Cast Resin Transformer,Dry Type Transformer , etc.




1. Conventional Type Transformers
2. CSP Type Transformers
3. Pole Type Transformers
4. Pad Mounted Type Transformers
5. Oil Immersed Transformers
6. Less Flamable Transformers
7. Cast Resin Transformers
8. Transformers  with On load Tap Changer
9. Various Special Type Transformers
    (Rectifier Transformers, etc...)
10. Transformers with ECOTAP  PDF

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