Silicon-steel Slitting

With the Georg slitters,the Company can optimize design of our distribution transformers since it can define a silicon-steel width in accordance to the calculated output – and rapidly supply to the silicon-steel cutting and winding sections.


Silicon-steel Core Winding

Considering the advanced technology of minimizing the silicon steel core seams in order to reduce any of its loss,Thai Trafo has imported silicon steel core winding machines to help produce such wound core for small transformers.

Silicon-steel Core Cutting

Regarding the large distribution transformers requiring low loss in their silicon-steel core,some high quality Georg cutting line were imported from Germany as well.Yet the American step-lap cutting process is employed by means of computer program controlled by well-trained and skilled cutting personnel.Thus every cutting is high accuracy-assured and convenient to stack the slicon-steel core – thereby reducing any losses therein if compared with conventional cutting.

Silicon-steel Core Stacking

Whether the transformers are small or large,Thai Trafo can stack their cores so precise,convenient,and fast,by means of perforating technique of such special cutting – in conjunction with a hydraulic stacking table and an core controlling pins – thus all seams of each silicon-steel plate and angles are precisely overlapped and effectually made as designed.

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