Paper-Insulated Copper Rectangular Wire Production  

Another optimal potential of our distribution transformers is  an ability  to design and  produce  paper -insulated copper  rectangular wire as  demanded – through our well-experienced  personnel and our own paper-insulated copper retangular wire production line.

Low-Voltage Coil Winding

Due to several years of the distribution transformer production, Thai Trafo  can produce low voltage coil by using paper-insulated copper rectangular wire both in a multi-layered winding sort and a continuous disc winding sort – depending on a demanded transformer size. Moreover,we are also capable to produce the low-voltage  coil  comprising round  edge copper foil and diamond dot paper adhered by super-adhesive especially for both small and large transformers made to customer order by modern machinery of various capacities.

High-Voltage Coil Winding

Thai Trafo can wind high-voltage coil in various patterns such as a muti-layered winding or a bobbin winding coil consisting of both categories:the enamelled copper wire that resists as high as 120ºC-200ºC temperature,or the paper-insulated copper rectangular wire which is wound by advanced machinery and controlled by well-trained and high-skilled experts.

Transformer Tank Production

With a multifarious competency,our quality experts and sophisticated machinery regularly produce 3 types of transformer tank : a smooth surface tank,a radiator cooling tank,and a corrugated tank which Thai Trafo can produce the transformer tank suit to custormer requirement or our own design.

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