Thai Trafo Transformers are designed on principle of
    "Maximal Economization,Optimization,and High Satisfaction Throughout Applicational Lifetime”

The Company has  assigned  its  designing  engineers as well as  domestic and overseas experts to innovate  and  advance  
a  special  software  for  an accurate, precise, rapid, and reliable calculation  in  designing  of  Thai Trafo
distribution transformers.


Under every design phase it is dedicated to :

1. Optimization of designing : such as loss minimization; gross weight
     minimization raw  material utilization at maximal worth;  
    designing transformers  on Losses Evalution Principle.
2. Controlling over losses and impedance percentage
3. Mechanical and thermal resistances to any short circuit impact
4. Resistance to any overloading power supply or electric circuit
5. Controlling over leakage flux,gradients,and thermal spots in any
    winding coils
6. Resistance to harmonic impacts
7. Resistance to impulse and surge voltage
8. Extra ordinary surface for ideal heat ventilation and any pressure
    within the  transformer; etc.



  International Standards:ANSI/       IEEE,BS,DIN,IEC,JIS,VDE,etc
 Domestic Standards : TIS,etc
 Individual customer standards : EGAT,MEA,PEA,etc


Research & Development

Under unceasing research and development of Thai Trafo
experts,its products are designed on basic of multifarious
aspects such as electromagnetic,thermal,mechanical,and
electrical aspects – by means of mathematical analysis on
the numerical output obtained from repeated experiments,
and on the output obtained from theoretical research.Then
a prototype will be created at every phase in development
of a new product so that a higher invention level and a
consistent innovation will occur.

  The comparision of stress's distribution on outer surface
of corrugated panel in different pattern
The stress's distribution on outer surface of corrugated panel
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